Kirvan Bond

Kirvan Bond aims to help clients with the minimum of fuss and expense by applying a common-sense, practical and flexible approach.  We handle many kinds of transactions and disputes including those relating to residential tenancies, residential leases and service charges, family and divorce, business leases and other matters.

At Kirvan Bond, we are diligent and flexible with our approach to help each of our clients. Whatever the transaction or dispute, we will explain the process and the options open to you in clear, practical language.

We are proud to be an independent practice at the heart of the business community in Penge.

“Your wisdom saved me thousands in the future” – KJ

Martin Kirvan has been a solicitor for over 35 years and has practised in Penge for over 20 years. He established Kirvan Bond Solicitors in 2012.  Martin has longstanding relationships with many clients both local and further afield.

Martin Kirvan

“Thank you for your guidance and time” – AW

 “Thank you for your professional service and support” – CJ

“I couldn’t have got this far without your help and advice” – MM

Please call 020 8776 9388 for an initial consultation



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