Online Christmas Market for Businesses

Online Christmas Market for Businesses

London Borough of Bromley are working with a company called Enterprise Nation that provides an online Christmas Market for businesses.  This will be available to small businesses across the country and will involve a:

  • PR/marketing campaign building awareness of the event to both small businesses and consumers
  • Pre event training – eLearning and online content: educating founders on all elements of online selling
  • Two-day Christmas market event: delivering a virtual space for small businesses to interact with consumers at point of sale
  • Pre and post event e-booklet: a catalogue of small business sellers from which consumers can select and buy their Christmas gifts

LBB are able to offer 30 businesses within the borough the opportunity to participate in this online market that will be taking place on the 3rd and 4th of December.  If you are a small business you can apply using the following link: The Small Business Christmas Market 

The deadline for applications is the 27th November.

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