Shop Safe Radios

Shop Safe Radios

Penge Businesses join forces in fight against theft and antisocial behaviour

Penge SE20 BID has launched a new digital ‘Town Link’ radio system in partnership with ShopSafe.   This will provide instant communication between retailers, licensed premises, centre management, CCTV and the police.  The launch date is 14th March.  The Shop Safe Van will be parked outside MacDonalds Penge High Street.

Businesses will be able to quickly share information about shoplifters or anyone causing antisocial behaviour at the press of a button. A new app is also due to follow which will allow users to share information about crimes to stop repeat offences and help catch those responsible.

This is in line with one of our main aims to make Penge a safer area for business and community alike. Subsidised by the BID, from just £10 per month, all  Penge retailers have the opportunity to sign up to the scheme. Participants will receive a digital radio, linked to other retailers, the Police and the CCTV HQ in Bromley.

The Shop Safe scheme has a proven record of reducing shrinkage by 35%.

If you are interested in joining the new scheme you can find out more and apply by contacting or by phoning 08702 405538 or take a look at their website

Three Hytera two-way radios

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