Penge Town Centre Improvements

Penge Town Centre Improvements

Arply Square

Over the past couple of months improvements have been taking place to Arply Sq. New paving has been laid to compliment that laid on the high street. The back of this square, leading onto the carpark beyond, will be improved with a more linier service which will taking place shortly. New seating and communal areas will be added over the next couple of weeks. The aim of the local authority is to create a pleasant and welcoming environment to encourage community projects and local meeting groups

Empire Square

Extensive ground works have taken place over the last couple of months. Ducting has been laid in preparation for new lighting to be installed. All the drainage has been upgraded. The yorkstone paving is all but completed, with a red brick design feature towards the back of the square. A large pit has been dug. The intention was to have a tree at this location. Following excavations to facilitate this, higher than expected cellars have been discovered. With this information in mind the positioning of the tree may have to reconsidered. New designer seating will be installed within the next couple of weeks. As with Arply Square, the local authority intends this space, as well as creating a pleasant spot to sit, to be used for community events. Work to continue the York paving on both squares, out onto The High Street, will commence over the following couple of weeks. Work on all those areas presently under construction should be completed within the next 6 weeks. Work Coming Up.

Improvement works to The Penge Triangle from Southey Street junction to The Crooked Billet (Summer 2018) Junction Improvements at the crossroads with Green Lane and Croydon Road (Late Spring 2018)

We would like to thank you for your patience whilst we complete this work

Should you have any specific query F M Conway have a business/resident’s liaison or mobile 07917 518529.

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