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Achieve Your Hair Goals with Penge’s Most Talented Hairdressers

Finding the right hairdresser can either take months, years or even a day. For an unfortunate few, the search for the right hairdressing service isn’t over yet. At Penge SE20, we try and make this pursuit a little easier.

Let Penge SE20 point you to the best hair stylist for you. We have a comprehensive business listing providing visitors with relevant information, such as background info, contact details and operating hours of hairdressers in Penge. Whether you’re looking for the district’s edgiest hairstylists or you require an expert in Afro hair, Penge SE20 can help.

Penge is home to many talented hairdressers – you just have to find the one that best suits your needs. Browse our site today and get to know the best hairdressers in Penge.

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    Hairdressers in Penge - Friendly local salon who works with clients to achieve exactly what they want.

    6 Croydon Road
    SE20 7AF
    Tel: 020 8676 0071
  • Bax Haircare

    197 Maple Road
    SE20 8HU
    Tel: 020 8778 5296
  • DeNiros


    35 High Street
    SE20 7HJ
    Tel: 020 3538 6474
  • Fun Cuts

    4 Central Parade, Penge High Street
    SE20 7TN
    Tel: 020 8676 0226
  • Headz Masters

    25 High Street
    SE20 7HJ
    Tel: 020 8778 7771
  • J R Barbers

    194 High Street
    SE20 7QB
  • Kamara’s

    55 High Street
    SE20 7HW
    Tel: 020 8659 1114
  • Mems Barbers

    76 High Street
    SE20 7HB
    Tel: 020 8778 5052
  • Misses

    181 High Street
    SE20 7PF
    Tel: 020 87778 3201
  • Modern Barbers & Beauty Salon

    Unisex salon specialising in afro hairstyles

    201 High Street
    SE20 7PF
    Tel: 07940 001 096
  • Mr Anthony

    174 High Street
    SE20 7QB
    Tel: 020 8659 5232
  • Nouvelle SE20 Hair and Beauty

    109 High Street
    SE20 7DT
    Tel: 020 3689 4145
  • Ossaga’s

    81 High Street
    SE20 7HW
    Tel: 020 8768 4165
  • Sassy

    A wide range of hair products including wigs, pony tails and extensions

    152 High Street
    SE20 7EU
    Tel: 020 8659 2827
  • The Body Lounge

    A small but friendly salon with a family feel offering all aspects of Hair, Beauty and Aesthetics. On a mission to make Penge a pinker place.

    12 Central Parade
    Se20 7TN
    Tel: 020 8659 3936
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